Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: If you are housed in a School of Social Work, why do you refer to yourselves as a “lab?”

A: According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a “laboratory” (or “lab” for short) is: a place equipped for experimental study in a science or for testing and analysis; broadly : a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study.

Therefore, we consider ourselves social scientists who work within our structural and intellectual “spaces” to understand the mechanisms by which socio-demographic, psychosocial, and environmental agents influence the mental and physical health of racial and ethnic minorities, particularly as it pertains to gender differences and gender role socialization. No, we do not use test tubes and microscopes, but instead we take advantage of our opportunity for experimentation, observation, and practice in our work on gender and health. We interact with people so that we can learn from them and work with them to solve their pressing health and social concerns.

Q: How can I become involved with the GendHR Lab?

A: You can email Dr. Daphne C. Watkins (daphnew@umich.edu) or Dr. Jamie Mitchell (mitchj@umich.edu) if you have specific questions. But if you are interested in becoming a member, complete the GendHR Lab Membership Application and send it as an email attachment to GendHRLab-admin@umich.edu. Since the GendHR Lab is a project-driven lab, everyone affiliated with the lab must work on a project. Faculty and Research Associates tend to lead their own projects, or be Investigators on GendHR Lab projects. Research Assistants and Interns may be working on literature reviews, proposals, manuscripts, data collection and management, and/or data analysis at any given time. The experience should enhance the educational and/or professional career of Research Assistants and Interns, be meaningful to his or her goals, and add to the quality of research conducted.